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Photo of Ruth

My name is Ruth, and I am delighted you are here!  My

Michigan roots have been transplanted to Richmond and now I happily style hair in Carytown.  If you need great looking, easy to maintain hair, help is here.  I know what it is like to balance work, kids and relationships.  Rocking a ponytail is always an option!

I started my journey with a Cosmetology class offered through my high school.  My curiosity turned into a love of the possibilities presented with each persons hair.  Now, I get to work every day in a hair salon!  How cool is that?

Some salons will offer you a glass of wine.  Some salons will get you in and out as quickly as possible.

I am going to offer you a chance to tell me your hair story. We can work toward a long term goal or change your look every time you come in.  Cover your gray, or transition away from coloring.  Grow it out.  Get that pixie you've always wanted.  Nourish it into health  and make it shine.   Bring your pictures and your questions.  We'll make a plan together.





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